Our firm specializes in representing clients who are politically active at both the State and Local level. We analyze issues and advise on State and local legal requirements and constraints placed on our client’s campaign activities. We often contact and interact with local ethics commissions and elections officials in many different jurisdictions to ensure our clients are compliant with all laws, regulations and local campaign reform ordinances in the area. Our firm has successfully represented some of the largest ballot measure and referendum campaigns in California’s history.


 Our compliance experts continually review and participate in drafting the ever changing political rules of engagement in this state. We assist our clients with constant updates of changes in the political laws and regulations governing all phases of political activity. We provide the highest level of service regarding the law’s disclosure requirements and create accurate and timely campaign reports for our clients. We also provide complete political action committee administrative services ensuring our client’s legal compliance in addition to the monitoring and reconciliation of their political committee bank accounts. We endeavor to be careful and exacting regarding our client’s legal disclosure obligations and provide preventative maintenance safeguards to head off any issue before it becomes a problem.       


Our firm represents many of the largest and most successful lobbying firms in the state. We provide representation and guidance as issues arise which is particularly important given the many recent changes to the law. We also assist our lobbying firm clients with structuring events which involve public official attendees to ensure the client and the attending officials are acting completely within the law. We also try to look beyond the law to the optics of any event and discuss with our clients the importance to avoid even the appearance of impropriety for them, their clients and all invited guests. Our experts provide full lobbying reporting services for both lobbyist employers and the lobbying firm. Throughout the year we discuss with our clients their goals and desires and help structure them to achieve success and legal compliance. Lastly, our firm possesses the experience and expertise to advise clients regarding strategies and approaches to addressing federal law enforcement inquiries, subpoenas and requests for interview pertaining to political corruption investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


The firm’s lawyers are skilled political practitioners and spent many years with the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC)  in the position of Executive Director and as staff counsel in their legal and enforcement divisions.  We also have the FPPC’s former Chief of Technical Assistance  to assist our attorneys and our clients better understand the technical application of the Political Reform Act and regulatory history and application of the Commission’s vast and complex set of regulations. We possess particular expertise in representing clients before the FPPC, Secretary of State and the Office of Administrative Hearings in cases being enforced by those agencies. We have enjoyed significant success in bringing about fair and reasonable resolutions in this area.


Many of the firm’s clients hold events and invite legislative members and other political officials to attend. This function requires significant planning and extraordinary effort to insure the client and attendees are all within the acceptable bounds of the law. We work with our clients well in advance of any event to prepare and analyze all legal issues to insure all activities are legally compliant. We provide each client with detailed suggestions on the event’s agenda and how the event needs to be structured and monitored so that any reportable activity is properly captured for later reporting. This service has proven invaluable to all of our clients who are interested in the prospect of bringing their members and political officials together in one location.



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