Mr. Ordos began his professional career as a Sacramento County Deputy District Attorney in 1979. In 1989, Mr. Ordos was asked to serve as an Assistant United States Attorney for the United States Department of Justice for the Eastern District of California. 

 From 1991 to 1995, Mr. Ordos served as Executive Director of the California Fair Political Practices Commission. In this position, Mr. Ordos administered this agency in its enforcement of the political laws and promulgation of campaign reform regulations for the State of California.

In 1997, Mr. Ordos opened his own practice, specializing in the area of political law and white collar criminal defense. Mr. Ordos provides valuable guidance to his clients who are required to comply with California’s laws and regulations currently governing political activity in this state.  We guarantee effective and aggressive representation for you and your loved ones. My reputation and history of successful litigation spans two decades and represents our commitment to our clients. 

I treat you with respect. Whether you’re on the side of the prosecution or the side of the defense, you can rest assured that we’re on your side.

Ms. Misquez has been actively involved in campaign reporting and   legal compliance work pursuant to California’s political disclosure laws for over 20 years. Zoe was first introduced to the organization and preparation of lobbying reports in 1989, while working as a legislative assistant at a lobbying firm. In 1992, Ms. Misquez was employed by the lobbying firm of Ackler & Associates and prepared and filed the firm’s lobbying reports, as well as their client’s lobbyist employer reports.  She continues to provide this service to Ackler & Associates today.

In 1997, Zoe was retained by Wayne Ordos, Attorney at Law, as a campaign reports specialist and provided campaign reporting services for the firm’s clients. In this capacity, Ms. Misquez utilized her extensive knowledge of California’s campaign disclosure laws to assist the law firm’s clients with their filing and disclosure obligations pursuant to California’s Political Reform Act.

Currently, Ms. Misquez presides over the campaign reporting responsibilities and legal compliance requirements of over 50 general purpose recipient committees, major donor committees and primarily formed committees. Additionally, Zoe supervises the preparation and filing of lobbyist employer and lobbying firm reports for the law firm’s lobbying clients.

 Ms. Misquez is a member of the California Political Treasurers Association and engages in continuing education programs provided by this organization annually.

Trish Mayer began her career at the California Fair Political Practices Commission in 1988 creating campaign publications utilizing information from campaign statements filed by state officials and ballot measures committees which helped cultivate an expertise in campaign disclosure requirements and an overall understanding of the pertinent law. Trish served in various capacities during her tenure at the FPPC, including Assistant Division Chief in the Technical Assistance and Legal Divisions.

While at the FPPC, Trish provided assistance to those regulated by the Act and conducted educational workshops for candidates and treasurers and presented seminars on new developments in the law for city and county clerks throughout the state. Trish also brings added experience and knowledge regarding the qualification and educational obligations of our firm’s lobbying clients and will assist in helping them achieve legal compliance relative to all legally required disclosures.

Trish Mayer joined the Law Offices of Wayne Ordos after her retirement from the FPPC concluding a career of 31 years developing her knowledge and expertise in the various aspects of the Political Reform Act and the FPPC’s complex assembly of adopted regulations.

Trish is a welcomed addition to our firm and we know that her knowledge, familiarity, and expertise regarding all aspects of the technical disclosure and reporting requirements imposed on the regulated public by the FPPC will bring added awareness, confidence, 
and comfort to our politically active clients.

Zoe Misquez

Campaign Reports Specialist



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Carla Bailey 


Carla Bailey began working at the California Fair Political Practices Commission in 1975, shortly after it was created by passage of the Political Reform Act in 1974.  She originally worked as the assistant to the Commission’s first chairman, Dan Lowenstein.

In 1980, Carla moved into the Technical Assistance Division of the FPPC, where she learned about the Political Reform Act’s campaign and lobbying disclosure rules.  She conducted workshops and seminars for candidates, campaign committees, and lobbying entities, and assisted many individuals and entities with their disclosure requirements.

Over time, she became well versed in all aspects of the Political Reform Act, including conflict of interest disclosure, personal use of campaign funds, gift restrictions, and the revolving door rules affecting former government officials.   

In 1992, Carla was appointed Chief of the Technical Assistance Division where she served until her retirement at the end of 2008, after more than 33 years with the FPPC.

Carla currently works with Wayne Ordos, Attorney at Law, and provides expert guidance to the firm’s clients.

Trish Mayer

Andreas C. Rockas


Wayne  L. Ordos


Attorney at Law


Of Counsel


Political Reform Act and Legal Compliance Specialist


Andy Rockas brings a wealth of experience in political law and civil litigation to the firm. After 10 years as an insurance defense litigator, Andy served as Senior Commission Counsel to the California Fair Political Practices Commission, where he prosecuted those subject to the California Political Reform Act and defended the Commission in complex cases, as well as developed and drafted regulations.

In 2008, he was recruited to join the Am Law 100 firm of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman. There he continued his focus in the practice of political law, advising then-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political committees, and counseling Fortune 500 companies, such as AT&T and Chevron, on campaign finance, lobbying and conflict-of-interest laws.

In 2010, Andy formed his own law firm, where he represents and advises candidates, PACs, nonprofits and for-profit concerns how to safely navigate the treacherous and confusing waters of political law and regulations.

Andy’s extensive network of relationships within California’s political community, and beyond — combined with his depth of knowledge — will surely enhance the quality of services we’re able to provide our clients.

Political Reform Act Compliance Expert